Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A better day


I'm waiting on the bus. It's going to be a long work shift. It's actually just a regular one but I feel shitty.

Got a cheap, but tasty coffee from from coffee central. I only had 10kr... So that was nice of him to let me have a cup for that price :)

I dropped Freya off at daycare earlier too. That was hard. It's a different kind of day for her there today. She's staying the whoooole day till 15:30. :/
My sweetheart cried! Gah... I wanna snuggle her now. Already missing the shit out of Freya & Frost.

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  1. It is a different kinda day today. Weird not having Freyster here to 'dictate' the day. But I do miss her a lot when she's gone. We have gotta take a family vacation soon so we can all relax and get back to baseline. We all deserve rest and a chance to relax as a family, instead of the normal crazy. I'm gonna start looking around now! :)


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