Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A few days

And so it's March. And we started the month with a meeting at work.

Hehe, I got a movie ticket from my boss :D

Also, my snugglemonster was too fucking cute the other day. She was hiding behind a pillow in the sofa. How would I ever find my daughter? looool

Since I had been working so much the week before, Freya was a really needy baby and wanted to be with mama all the time and so she got to join me while making breakfast haha

Well I'm certainly feeling better.
Freya, not so much. She's been sickly since last night. Poor thing...
She's been apathetic all day, not moving or doing anything. They called a nurse so Frost was told to stand by a bit and see how she feels later. I wish I was home right now so I could take care of my baby weasel <3

We've been watching shows today. (Me and A) Seriously an interesting episode of DC'S Legends Of Tomorrow. :D

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