Monday, March 21, 2016

DOOM 2016

Sooooo... as some of you know, I'm turning 30 in little over a month. Huge deal. yep. I'm terrified. lol Naah, I suppose it ain't such a big deal. I am still me. I still like the same shit I've always liked. I watch my shows, play with my family, work and play my video games..

Talking about that, guess what my lovely man is giving me for my birthday?

The new DOOM :D Omg!!

I'm so excited! I mean, it's been..what? A decade since the last one.
This is gonna be one hell of a video game :3

He's getting me something else too, but he won't tell me what it is haha Good. I don't wanna know. I like gifts as a surprise (as it's meant to beeeee) But I'm nervous about celebrating my birthday.

Unfortunately I'm working a 27h long shift on my B-day so there won't be any celebrations on that particular day. But I'm thinking maybe in the weekend? Or maybe not at all, Who knows?

My friend's turning 30 on wednesday :D I hope she'll like what we got her. It's kind of a lame gift really... and then there's the extra gift too. Just for fun. :3 haha Anyway... better sleep now since it's a workday tomorrow. Blah.

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