Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another thing we did

You know, I almost forgot to mention that we went to see Freya's biological grandfather yesterday too.

See, we decided to raise Freya in such as she has 3 grandads technically. She's got 2 on my side, Lasse who's married to my mom :) (morfar number 1) since that's the closest family, and then of course the biological grandad (my father)  and also the one on Frost's side in Alabama (Farfar) She also has... kinda 4 grandmothers too. haha (it's honestly so much easier in swedish since we call them mormor if it's the mother of the mom, and morfar if it's the father of the mom, get it..Mothersfather is what it stands for. And for the dads side it's farfar: fathersfather and farmor fathersmothers)

The number one Granny is of course my mom :D Mormor number 1.
Number two Granny is Kuti (Who's married to my dad) So two mormödrar. (Two mother's mothers) lol And the third is Judy, which is frost's mother. (Farmor in Swedish) and then there's Betty who's married to his Dad. She's such a sweetheart :) (She would also be called Farmor even though it's not bilogical.) :)  Blood isn't what makes a family a family you know?

 Being there for each other, helping each other out and depending on one another is what makes a family. Trust and love, and the one's who helps raising you. Thus, the reason why I feel like Lasse has the bigger Grandad (morfar) upper hand in this is mainly cause Freya doesn't really know my dad.
We live very close by but he sometime's doesn't seem to be that excited about Freya so we just don't see each other often. But we all have different ways of feeling and showing emotions so he could very well love Freya bunches and bunches and just keep it to himself. I ain't judging anyone :)
My dad is a very..special person. He's got issues to deal with which is why Freya will never be with them alone for a longer time. Especially not AT ALL if Kuti isn't there too obviously.

Confused yet? Don't be.

We had a very good time, my dad seemed kinda sober (Well he wasn't shitfaced) and it was really nice being there, talking and having coffee. It was very important for me to have pictures of her and biological grandad for some reason. And I got what I wanted.

And after that I used a coupon S gave me at a certain spot and bought myself a parfait. *joyus rush* It was magnificent, I swear. I am absolutely in love with that place from now on.

Three layers of milkchocolate mouse, dark chocolate mouse, and vanilla pannacotta, and a coconut chocolate brownie bottom.

If it wasn't for the sugar this would make the best of the best LCHF desserts. Which is why I've decided to experiment about it haha

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