Thursday, March 24, 2016

A great day

It's been such a good day :)
I woke up in excruciating pain... And it did take a while before my body agreed to move with me lol
But we had a lot of morning cuddles. Me, Freya & Frost. They were awesome.

We went to town and had breakfast after Freya was dropped off at daycare. They had "Easter fun" there today, and I didn't want my doodle to miss out on all that fun shit. :3 She walked happily all the way to daycare too. Even pushed the button at the crossover by the road haha

Aaaaand well, I got carried away in town. I mean. I found the cutest of all the cutest outfits today. And so I had to buy it. :/ BUT IT'S SO WORTH IT CAUSE SHE'S FREAKIN' ADORABLE IN IT!!

Galah it should be illegal to be so cute hahaha

Once we picked her up we got this little black picture that she made. It's three yellow chickens haha How adorable aye? :D

We framed it and put it on our wall haha *proud parents*

My boss texted me today too from one of my extra jobs. And I was offered a new contract YAY! Apparently mine expires now at the end of March, so it's a good thing to renew it. I'm excited. I wonder if I got a raise? That'd be a hoot.

At my other job I got quite the big raise the other day. Whoop whoop! *twirls around*

So I was gonna go up and meet with her and sign the contract l earlier today. Hahaha I went out back and started walking towards tegnérlunden and then NOPE. Turned around and decided to take a nap instead, since I have to go to that workplace tonight and work the night shift. Yep yep. Told my boss I'd sign her papers tonight instead :D
Mans we had like theeeeee best nap then. Like wow.

I will always say that snuggles keeps marriages awesome. Yep. True story bro.

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  1. It was a glorious day! I gotta write down the recipe for today so I can repeat it and try it again haha. I seriously had a great day with Freyatron and yourself. And your clothes were nice as well! We did good. And I did great at picking your shirt haha 😊😍❤


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