Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Freya's jewelry box πŸ’œ

She's reached the age where it's very interesting with nice jewelry and sparkly things haha

So the jewelry box she got from Lasse and mom last year is perfect now. It was VERY interesting I tell you haha

And she got to pick out what she wanted to wear too, she picked the sparkly unicorn. :) Aaaws. My princess!

And she walked around super proud of it too. Hahah adorable.

Off to another topic. This day. Gah. At first it was a shitstorm just raining over me. A was not a happy A today cause someone she loves called in sick. And she was supposed to work. So I had to stay longer and we couldn't find anyone to come! And I couldn't stay very long cause I had to be home by ten cause I had be at the clinic with Frost at 10:45. -.- It stressed the shit out of me and once I was finally home I was literally completely exhausted. Totally broken down and after I dropped Freya off at the daycare I started crying out loud cause I felt like a bad mom. I barely had a chance to say hello to her cause of the damn time pressure. -.-

In the end we actually made it in time. I didn't have to translate that much cause the doc was actually decent in English for once. :) It felt like we really had a breakthrough for Frost. Now he's finally able to take a step in the right direction. Phew. I hate it when someone I love is suffering. Gosh.

And the daycare was so nice. They wanted me to rest for as long as possible today and after I picked Freya up we snuggled and played like aaaaall day. And in the evening Nathalie came over for coffee.

So. This has been my day. Blah. Just blah.

In the end, it's still been a good day. Freya and Frost always make the rough days better <3

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