Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good morning world

I'm at work, LeiLei chilling on the porch while A is in her room playing candy crush. Aaaand I'm watching House while looking though my photos of Freya & Frost <3

Let's hope this turns into a good day!
We had a bit of a rough night... And Freya walked in and slept with us in the middle of the night haha My sweet little bunnypoot. So yet again we all slept tightly together all night <3

I sure hope my man will have a nice day too. It's pretty boring for him and pretty stressful at the same time I guess. It sounds fucked up, but I'd kill to switch places with him. I wanna be bored at home with Freya too. Haha I wanna get angry and stressed too cause I'm with her all day and having to do everything at home too.

Instead I'm stuck here. Which is a good thing too of course :D
I like this job and it pays well :)

And I got some sweet fucking news yesterday! Woho! *doing the safety dance*

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