Monday, March 28, 2016


It's been a nice day.
Freya ate like the biggest breakfast ever this morning hahaha
Side dish: dried fruit :) She ate a whole bowl of caramel protein pudding and whipped cream plus her little dried fruit. Yum yum in her tum tum. :)

We decided to take Freya and go feed the ducks :) Brought some biscuits and shit and fed them. Freya loved it :D haha (yeah I did too ehehe~) But it's been a nice calm day. Apart from Freya hitting her lip in the edge of the couch it's been a good day -_-

It's been some really nice days off of work, and I really needed that.
I've had a lot of fun and rest :D Plus I loved being home with Freyster & Frost <3

Oh and omg The Walking Dead.... jeez. The next episode is gonna be fucking craaaaaaaazy! And did Daryl die?! It can't be. Naah.... OMG WHAT IF HE REALLY DIED?! wtf?!

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