Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A nice day

We went for a long walk after leaving Freya at daycare this morning. Moms and dadds needs romantic shit too right?
We sat down by the river and enjoyed a cup of coffee. (Unfortunately it was kinda wet and cold so I had to sit on his scarf haha) And Frost even bought himself a cookie. I know right? It's unusual. But it wasn't a sweetass cookie though so that's probably why he liked it haha

Freya walked aaaaaaall the way to daycare by herself. (I held her hand though) But she was so proud walking there haha

Frost and I really we're such dorky parents this morning...haha! The kind of silly parents you see on TV lol
She was so God damn cute when we were getting ready for daycare that I had to call for Frost. I wish I had taken a photo but I didn't have my phone That was seriously the cutest I've ever seen. I ain't exaggerating either. She was waiting for me to get ready so we could go, and her hat had the "hat-ears" poking out and she was just standing in such a cute pose in her superPink rainboots... Aaaah you'll never understand unless you saw it yourself lol You'll just have to take my word for it. (Frost agreed though, he even said it out loud that our daughter is the cutest little thing on the planet)

She's perfect, don't you agree? (I know every parent thinks this way. And every parent should think this way too) Aaw, I sure do love Freya-Rose more than anything.

We suit each other really haha It's true, I'm lucky to be with this goofball :D
See, small things like a morning date (or more like a morning walk in this case) really is nice. It is what you make of it. And I think we're two very lucky people together.

Not everyone gets to find their twinflame... And you need to be openminded to find that person too. And not everyone gets to love and be loved in return.

I wish some people in my life would feel loved the way I do. And to love someone as much as I do. To have someone make them feel like they're the most loved and beautiful person in the world. :)

I wish for those people that their partner will treat them better. Maybe learn to show love in a better way?
I have a hard time not telling some of my friends significant others to go fuck themselves. (no offence lol)  Yep. Some of my friends have good partner, and some of them has...less good partners.
I really don't like it when someone's treating someone I love badly. Yet I can't meddle cause it's not my position to do so. And you gotta keep in mind that every one is different. Everyone shows their love in a different way. Mine is to shower the one I love with things they enjoy. Like cooking their favorite food, make their favorite treaty treats, go places together. Do things we like together. :) And to snuggle and be sweet. Now that's one of the biggest things. Snuggles.

So, all I can say is for you guys, and all my friends that I care about. I wish your partners will treat you the way you deserve :) All of you. Remember how unique you are and how very special you are. You DESERVE to be put on a pedestal sometimes <3

Oh and to my single friends, you guys are fucking gorgeous and someday The One will show up. Stay happy and awesome as always! :D


  1. Aww you're a heart of sweetness! <3

    I sure love your beautiful booty-licious self! ;) I think that is a winky face. haha

  2. Ohhh and everyone DESERVES to be treated well by their partner. Not used. Not lied to. And most certainly not held back on and not supported in all possible ways, when their partner supported them in EVERY way possible. People are GREEDY AF.

  3. <3 I love you too. I care very much about you too and I' very happy that you found Frost! Such couple goals. Very wow!

    1. Hahaha Va söt du är! You're very loved too you know :D Och en väldigt värdefull vän är du. Yup. Forever and ever :D


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