Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's day!

I am a pro at cheering some people up. Yep. A freakin' natural lol

Today we decided to spend some time in town, celebrate St. Patrick's day with good food and treaty treats and stuff. I had already cheated big time on the diet so I figured that I might as well cheat on dinner too. So sushi it was! We ate it outside in the sunlight :)
After that we went to Taco Bar so A could drink a bunch of alcohol lol
A frozen margarita Mango flavored and a Jameson scotch.

And as for me, (my morals seems to be a big part of me -_- boo...) I drank freshly squeezed lime lemonade. Daaaaamn that was sour btw. But really delicious. Made me think of Alabama...

We've had a good day. Works been great and everything went well today with is nice.

I Skyped with Freya earlier and it was soooo adorable. I love skyping with those two. She's my babypuff <3 Gah... Can't wait till I get to see her again tomorrow!

Welp... Ciao!

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