Thursday, March 17, 2016

The clinic

We went to the pediatric clinic today :)
We had an appointment for the 18 month check up on the Freyatron and she got to walk aaaaaaall the way over there. (It's actually just 5 minutes away haha) She walked proudly and she was so happy while doing it. Even grandma joined us so Freya got a extra happy then.

And thank god for that cause I had no idea she had to get a shot that day :O

Aaaand mommy don't like it when her babydoodle gets those shots. Ouchie ouchie! :( Uugh.... I hate when she's in pain. But she stopped crying so fast. It only took a few seconds. And then she was all happy go lucky again.

Till we got home -.-
In the end, she fell asleep with me in her little bed, and she slept for three hours.

Btw, she looked adorable yesterday!

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