Friday, July 6, 2012


Being curious isn't always a good thing. I found a thing, no idea what it is but it looked like I could maybe use it as a piercing. I mean... I'm trying to do stuff here so I won't get sleepy.

It didn't it at first....... Yeah it hurts. lol
And it's somehow stuck? I don't see how it can be stuck though. But when I try to pull it out it won't move.....

So with this said: Dear big brother. I sure do hope that this wasn't an important thing of yours. I know it has something to do with the wires and the router thingy. Yup. Ehehe... So. Yeah. DON'T BE MAD AT ME. It'll still work. Duh. I got it in by force, I can get it out by force as well.

But not now. Cause my ear is very very hot now. But soon. I swear!

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