Monday, July 9, 2012


Just shoot me.

I just wanna crawl somewhere and hide. *snore*

I don't like how I look at all lately...

Today is a very bad day. I don't feel good and my stomach hurts like hell. And it's like my head is filled with... lard or something. It's gooey and fussy.  3 hours of sleep every "night" this past week or two, baby go RAAAWR on me making me wide awake and almost getting a heart attack, Big brother being a douche  (don't fucking throw things on a sleeping Jo with a tummy ache and insomnia ffs), AND DEFINITELY DON'T JUMP ON ME WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY MANAGED TO PISS ME OFF. And Lei Lei panicking cause she was in a deep sleep. Shit came flying everywhere... Poor schnookums... Aaaah not even all the coffee in the world can save me today. And why does my eyes hurt?? O_o

Oh I'm still the happy go lucky me only slower, just easier to piss me off today I guess :P haha It's ot like I'm angry or anything. I just feel like I'm slower and easier to piss off.

I'm gonna look for some jobs today. I have many things to save up money for. And I think it's about time I tried getting an eye surgery for Lei Lei but it's just too expensive with our without insurance. So I need a job then. Unfortunately they can't guarantee that it'll work. Bah... but she really needs one. She couldn't open her eyes today... I cleaned them up though so she can open them now. I guess she has her good days and her bad days. I wonder if they hurt?

Too many thoughts. Not enough brain function.

And to top it all off I feel ugly today. -___- Don't ask me why. I just do. And I need my hair cut. Bah... wonder if I dare to cut it myself or if it'll look like Wille went amok with the scissors on it? lmao

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