Sunday, July 8, 2012

oh silly me

Welp, I've had quite the good day as usual.
Nothing wrong has happened, and only fun and good stuff.
Went to bed waaaaaay yo late maybe but went up early enough. And then we did some cleaning, a nice long breakfast and coffee.. and then we took off to Ikea. Gosh, little Wille has been such a sunshine today. Smiling and laughing and singing all day. Yep we had fun. And I ate delicious food as well. And after a LONG time we finally arrived home and then I just went back to brewing my super-mega-hot-strong-as-fuck-coffee cause Emma came over. Yeah I like it when she visits. We along so well.

And I won 4 dollars from her today. Woop woop. yeah. She made a bet with me that I'd get the money if I could eat a sugary cream bun without licking my lips. OH MY GOD THAT WAS DIFFICULT. But I freakin' did it! Hah... VICTORY IS MINE! She said it's very difficult for people to do that, lol most people accidentally lick their mouths without even noticing it cause it's a reflex. Mwahaha my tongue and I are an excellent team. My tongue has skills I tell you. She's like the best doctor I know! Funniest shit she had to learn when getting educated as well, about the tongue as well. Even had to learn how to juggle balls since she had to learn how to use both hands instead of only using her right hand cause they needed to be equally good at both hands. Anyway...

well we watched some movies... not that I was paying attention to them AT all -_- haha But still. I've had a mighty fine evening.

Ah, Of course I've talked to Frost all day as well :) Rawr!

Daniel wants me to sleep. lol

Night night.

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