Monday, July 9, 2012

Snuffs Wille

Baah I just changed Willes diaper. Baby poop sucks. It's one thing if it's your own babyshit but a whooooole different gross story when it's another's lol

Joel actually never managed to change diapers on his own son. Not even once. He started puking hysterically every time he tried. lol

Well, Daniel is on his way to leave Wille with his mother now.

Cutest thing ever to see Wille wave good bye to me when I say bye bye.

I speak English all the time with him btw. When he gets older he'll need it. He'll be able to speak Swedish, English and sign language perfectly then. Good boy :)

Aws I'ma miss him. Hell be back in thursday. YAY! <3

OH DEAR. I get to sleep now. Hah.

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