Friday, May 4, 2012

The darkness comics

Oooooooooooooooo me and Ramon are discussing comics at the moment! HIS KIDS ROOM IS LIKE  COMIC HEAVEN! :O

Which reminded me of The Darkness. I used to love the darkness. Jackie Estacado was awesome haha. Yeah I used to read Witchblade as well hahah

I remember when I was...I dunno, maybe somehwere at 18 or something? Anyway, All I wanted back then was a darkness tattoo. In full colour with him and his beasts haha

I still remember exactly which picture I wanted. I can never forget that pic. It's BEAUTIFUL.
And I snooped around on google and found it again <3

see, it's magnificent right? :)

Anyway, thing is...with The Darkness, not only do I love the artwork (cause the art is very important to me) but the story. I loved it! It's a very good story. I like how it's not a superhero comic. Definitely isn't. This is more the story of a villain.

Jackie Estacado;the weilder of the darkness, is a very violent and sexual man. Always livd his life on the wrong side of the law. And he worked as a hitman for the maffia. He later realised that he could use his powers for a more..."noble" cause. -__- And as it's said on wikipedia... despite the fact the he's a killer... and can kill without remorse, he has a strong sence of morals and loyalty to those who earn it. The only thing that keeps him from turning completely evil is his love for his daughter and his true love.

Funny thing is. Batman is the person who makes Jackie wanna change sides. lol Which is hillarious since the real Batman comics are fucking BRUTAL. really violant and completely brutal haha. And yet he makes The Darkness wanna switch sides and stop killing people.

The Darkness also crosses stories with the hulk, Painkiller Jane, Ghostrider, Tombraider and Wolverine. COOL HUH?! makes me wanna read all of them hahaha

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  1. Hell, you should still get a darkness tattoo! Sick as fuck!! I think you might like Daken the dark wolverine. Daken is wolverines son, he's more of a villain than a hero and is a very sexual guy who likes both guys and girls. Daken does cross over and sometimes does heroic things but he always has an agenda and he's able to kick his fathers arse LOL! Check em out. Oouuuu I've always loved witchblade too...Hella sexy character. We must continue our comic convo some more carnalita.


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