Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday night

Aaaaaah and what I wonderful Friday night it is. Fucking awesome tbh.

Me and Marcus are enjoying our rum and coke, and Stina sticks to her corona :) Laaaawl she ain't part of the Captain Morgan teeeeeaaaam hahaha

We're watching game of thrones. Been playing some call of duty as well, but then we went back to game of thrones. Cause it's too addicting :O

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  1. Last time I drank captain morgans I started at a bar with a friend and I ended up waking up in front of her house with my jeans torn up and bite marks and scratches and finger nail marks all over me with her panties around my neck. Thanks to captain morgan we had no memory of what happend but I have an idea of what did. No more captain Morgan for me


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