Thursday, May 3, 2012

heeere, get to know me if your'e bored ^^

Eye Color: Blue/grey-ish.. and yellow in the middle? O__O
Hair Color: dark brown
Height: 5 ft 8
Right or Left Handed: leeefty

Your Weakness: ... like I'd share that with you. LOL SWEETS AND CAKES!
Your Fears: Losing someone I love, being abandonned.
Your Most Overused Phrase: shit happens
Thoughts First Waking Up: just no.
Your Best Physical Feature: My eyes? (personaly I'd say my tattoos lol)
Your Bedtime: 3 am-ish? Keep in mind I have no job anymore :/
Pepsi or Coke: neither
McDonalds or Burger King: FOOD FIT FOR A KING
Ice Cream or Yogurt: Ice creeeeaaaaaam
Pizza or Chinese: depends. I'm a huge sucker for chinese/asian food. mmm
Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee But I do enjoy hot strong cappuccino as well.
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate <3
Been Arrested: Naah, not really...almost but I always managed to slip out of it.
Do You Smoke: eh hehehe I do. Classical chainsmoker.
Do You Drink: Too much.
Do You Sing: yeah, some say their ears bleed when I do :3
Have You Been In Love: uh huh :3
Do You Believe in Yourself: YES!
Ever Been Depressed: well, not depressed depressed but yeah. I feel down
Do You Get Along With Your Parents: With my mum yuuus
Do You Have Any Brothers or Sisters: a brother and a sister (actually I have a big sister too...)
Do You Like Thunderstorms: If I'm someplace safe then yeah haha
Do You Play an Instrument: Nope
Do You Have Any Pets: Lei Lei! But she's more like a family member ;P
What Is Your Favorite Color: Can't say I have a favourite colour..
Ever Been Drunk: HAHAHAHA
Ever Shoplifted: Never
Ever Gotten a Speeding Ticket: Nope don't have a driverslicsense...
Number of Piercings: only the ears. 13.
Number of Tattoos: I guess I'd have to say 3? Since half the sleeve count's as one?
Number of Things in My Past I Regret: Well, no use in regretting things really.
Close With Your Family: Very close <3
Gotten Into a Fight: Can't say that I have really?
Favorite Sports Team: .... haha.. no idea.
Do You Do Drugs: Nope
What Kind Of Car Do You Drive: none :<
Do You Like to Clean: nuh uh of course not
Do You Like to Cook: I do. But it's boring to cook for myself
Broken a Bone: ribs and now my wrist... it'll heal by itself sooner or later.
Played Truth or Dare: once. So boring. -.- kids game.
Believe in Love at First Sight: Sort of..
Phone or IM: depends on who I'm communicating with haha
Wal-Mart or Target: none THIS IS SWEDEN FFS.
How Do You Want to Die: With a gun in my hand out in the woods a year after my retirement :D
What's Annoying You Right Now: That I'm lonely lol and that I no longer have a job.

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