Saturday, May 5, 2012


Olo! :D

Well, i was about to say good morning but it's not morning anymore haha
I woke up around 9... but stayed in bed for a long time.

But I've been up for a while now, went out with the beast <3  and now I'm just sitting here, going through my playlists on iTunes.

this is what I'm listening to at the moment ^_^

One thing about this song that I like, is that it feels like it never ends hahaha It's rather soothing to sit here and listen to it. Especially if your'e easily bored like me. And also, that voice fucking turns me on. just sayin'. It's a bloody awesome song tbfh. <3

Moving on, I don't think I have much on the "schedule" for today. Do some dishes and mop the floors. That's about it? Ah, an meet up with Josse.

Weeeeeell, I'll continue listening to this song now :3

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  1. Fick ett tips om den att man inte blir så ofta förkyld så får se om den funkar haha :) Det är ju såå mycket sjuka barn på jobbet jämt


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