Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I don't know how, but me, Stina and Marcus somehow ended up watching a documentary about moon shiners...

Now.. if I didn't enjoy alcohol so much, I'd be asleep by now. But the fact that they made whiskey... Still didn't help me out of the bore-coma I fell into. Kept me awake. But that's about it. Of course it's always entertaining to watch a bunch of retards doing stupid stuff, but I guess I'm just tired then since I ain't even giggling here.

White whiskey huh... Made by popcorn. That name says it all. Popcorn. Professional moonshiner since 19XX. He died though... But managed to leave his oh do delicious recipe to his apprentice before dyyyyiiiing....

This is like a MOOOOOVIEEE... -_-

A never ending movie......

Kill me.

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