Friday, May 4, 2012

One of the many legends in sweden

So this is the story about Liten Agda and Olof Tyste. (The little Agda & Olof the silent one) And it's said to have taken place the year 1526 in Wadstena. One of the first legends in the First king of sweden, Gustav Vasas reign.

Agda was the daugther of a rich merchant, and she was in love with a young boy called Olof. And Olof loved her dearly in return. Unfortunately their love was not accepted by her father and they were forbidden to see each other. Which drove Olof into a deep depression making him turn silent. Hence; The name Olof Tyste.

Agdas father demanded that she either married a rich nobleman whom she did not want, or join a convent and become a nun. She choose the latter.

When she had been at the monastery for about a year, she finally managed to meet Olof in secret and the two of them decided to elope. She climbed the wall of the monastery and below, Olof was waiting with a boat.

Now, back in those days it was considered a mortal sin to break a vow of chastity and the penalty was execution. The woman was to be buried alive. And the man who broke it with her was to be burned at the stake. So the two of them kept running away. Bishop Hans Brask sent out a banishment making them outlaws. Which meant that anyone was allowed to kill them.

When they finally found a church to be married at, right before saying 'I do'. The news of the banishment reached the priest and they drove them away. (hey, at least they didn't kill them..)

So Agda figured that they should go to the king and explain their situation and express their love for each other. Maybe the King could help them? The king was in Vadstena for a visit and he had ordered that no citizen was to be denied to visit him this day. So Agda and Olof managed to meet him and explain everything.

The king then ordered the Bishop to revoke their banishment, making them free citizens once again. He then sent Agda and Olof to her father, with soldier escort. Ordering her father to welcome his daughter and his future son in law. The father refused and said it was none of the kings business. He said he'd order his servants to chase them away with dogs. The kings chansler Laurentius who was part of the lifeguard then said on his own initiative that the The King had ordered him to either care for his "children" carefully OR become one head shorter before the night is out. The father believed the threat and did so. Everything ended well and the day after Gustav Vasa meddled between them and not long after Agda and Olof were married.

It is also said that The King himself attended the wedding and even danced with the bride.

Gustav Vasa later changed the laws of the convents in sweden. And ordered the Bishop that no woman was allowed to become a nun without a certain permission from the king. So that no woman would have to be forced into monastery against their will again.

OH YAY a happy ending for once! WEEEEEEEIIIH!

lawl, well..that's your good night story kids.
Enjoy it.

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