Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just thought I'd have an appealing headline here :3
Figured Pornstars would do the trick.

I see you watching anyway so don't deny it you fuckers.

I should really really sleep now. But since I took a little nap earlier today I kind of fucked up that whole sleeping during the night thing didn't I? Should've listened to Stina yes I knoooow....

So, if I understood the plan for tomorrow correctly then I'll be meeting up with the crew around  09:30 at the bus station..then go to kvinnersta. Watch the cows being released. Imma film it btw so you can see how fucking happy swedish cows are :D

And then...uhm...I'm pretty sure she said that we're going home to her mum's place bor BBQ :D  ohohohohoho now now, everybody is aware that I fucking love BBQ right? THIS'LL BE HEAVEN!

And then after that... yeah.. I stopped listening when she mentioned BBQ and then I was lost in translation.
Tis ok though, I'll just follow her and act like I know what I'm doing :3

Lei Lei will come with me of course..duh...
aaw, I'm in the mood for FRUIT too. omnomnom

oh, spoke to Stinas dad as well. We decided that I should come visit him soon, probably during this weekend if we're lucky. He wanted me to come over on thursday first...but I kind of have things to do that day. The whole family is coming over... INCLUDING my dad and his wife O.o

oh gosh it'll be an interesting day for sure.

 lol that's me.

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  1. False advertising! Thought I was going to see pornstars dammit! Lawl


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