Sunday, May 6, 2012

right right



So it's sunday today huh? Meh, my days all seem to melt into one as time passes by. I ain't doing much today... but I said that yesterday as well didn't I? And yet I had a fucking awesome day going out and all that so yeah... you never know what's gonna happen when it comes to me ;)

I have some news, I've reached a point in my life.
I wont say much more than that. Mostly because you wouldn't understand haha. But lets just say I've come to realise things... come to terms I guess. Now all I need to do isto just.. be. And then we'll see how my life is within the next few weeks.

I'll try and learn how to relax, I'll live healthy (I am fucking sorry but the fags ain't going. I can't stop smoking just yet) but I'll live healthy apart from the fags... I'll learn to feel prettier and so on. You get the picture.

I live in a black and white world. But I might be able to see shades of grey as well.
I mean, it either is a certain way, or it isn't. And I've accepted that.

It is what it is right now.

Oh shoot... I fell asleep on the couch. Damnit. Which means I've forgotten all the shit I wanted to write to you guys.

lol oh well fuck that.

Enjoy your sunday

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