Friday, July 6, 2012


You can see it under my eyes... I'm kinda tired. Hah.. Slept too little this past week.
How fun. I get to stay up till 4 am. Alone. Waiting. And then get out and help out with some heavy stuff.

That's actually all I know, cause I didn't quite catch the rest? So.. Yeah. Basically I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing then. Hah. Doesn't really help that my head hurts either...
But tis ok. I'm listening to a whole lot of music now. Yup. My beloved metal Music.
Albatross - Bad Mama Jama.. Ace song really. Get me up and running lol
Oh but Datura - Voyage... And Amplifier - The wave <3

Aaah fuck me sideways these songs does something to me. lolwhat?!

Oh but with Zakk Wylde - Sold my soul... Mmm....

Welp I'd say it's about time I went for a smoke.

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