Tuesday, May 8, 2012

aaaah penis to the world

Be grateful. We all want penis. lalalala

Moving on.

See, I went for a nap earlier...since I didn't really sleep at all last night. Just as Stina said I should do, I DID IT :D eeeeeeeek I'm so good at going against peoples advices. Should've listened to her though cause now my brain's foggy as fuck. But let me tell you this, it was the best motherfucking nap EVAAAH. haha

Woke up to the sound of Lei Lei's snoring. Felt like my bed was vibrating. :3 lol

Anywaaaaay, I got a phonecall half an hour ago about how looooow my updates on my blog were today and that I had promised to write about how things went at the vet. See, I somehow thought that I had that I had already done so but apparently I didn't. Makes you wonder which universe I live in.... But fine. I'll tell you all about it.

As you may have already noticed I'm much more lively today. If I were a dick, I'd be a hard on right now. Fine maybe not THAT happy but I am quite happy today since everything went well at the vet's office.

It cost me a fucking fortune though, but hey...the things you do for those you love right?
They took some tests, checked her out and eventually decided that she needed an X-ray on the abdomen. Now that was not something Lei Lei handled very well. But she calmed down when I stood next to her so in the end, they managed to take some pics.

They couldn't see any since of a uterus infection on her (yet is what she said) But I need to keep her under close observation. Like I don't do that on a regular basis......................

Costed me about 200 dollars... Now I'm officially broke lol That sucks balls.

Went home, on the oriental express from vivalla. Smelled like a donkeys arse in there... -___-  ooooh, got someone fun to write with then as well. Yay. Took my mind of the smells and all that for a while. also had to scratch myself between the legs reeeeeaaaal bad :<  The inside of my thigh was itching....I could'nt help it. I just HAD to cause it was killing me. Knowing you can't do it, makes you wanna do it even more. In the end, I had to put my hand inside my baggy jeans and scratch myself. SUCH A MOTHERFUCKING BLISS.

Raaaawr, I'm waiting for the little sister right now. She's supposed to bake me a caaaaaakeeeeee today. Cause I'm too cool to bake my own you know. So I've got others to do it for me! hahaha

Aw, my birthday's on thurday. Me no liking thiiiis....

anyway, I'm playing some amplifier on the loudest volume right now. To drown the sound of my laughter. Watched a funny vid just now. loooool what a derp :D haha thanks for the entertainment! But I had to drown the laughter a bit, don't wanna seem insane to the peeps now do we? lalalalala

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  1. I'm happy to hear everything is good!


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