Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Early morning

I've slept about 3 hours last night... Meeeh I can feel it in my head. It's like cotton candy haha

Lei Lei and I (let's be grammatically correct for a change) are sitting in the sun outside the vet right now. We came a bit early because of the bus. Figured it's more relaxing sitting in the sun than sitting in a room filled with anxious dogs and cats.

Ah I also noticed that I don't have enough clothes on me today. It's a bit chilly -.-

Soooo, I just realised something. What if Lei Lei gets groggy after the tests? We came by bus, so it's not like I can driver her home in a car :/ oh well, we'll deal with that later then. I'll just carry her if she can't walk. It's only a few miles to the bus anyway :)

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