Sunday, May 13, 2012


For various reasons, I'm writing about Aristoteles. An essay i guess. (not mine though... doing it for someone else) Anyway. I was thinking. His theories about "The being" and the soul.

They're two quite different theories. For instance, the being, can be many things. You can be either temporary, essentiel, necessary, accidental, possible etc... BUT you always serve a purpose. You may even be all those things at the same time. That is the entire thing about "The being". It has a purpose cause the being cannot exist without the reason. a.k.a the purpose right? Meaning something created the "being". With The being, I mean TO BE.

But theeeeen, when it comes to the soul...
The soul is the center of the body. A body cannot live without the soul. And the soul cannot live without the body. He also believed that the soul wasn't immortal. The soul was everything though. The reason, the mind, the sense, knowledge, affection..everything came from the soul. The body was a mere vessel then? An armour of flesh?

Would this mean that the soul is "The Being"?

Since you being, serves a purpose. Doesn't it mean that the soul IS the being. Since the soul is the one to make decisions? How can you BE without a soul?

See what i mean?

Me studying philosophy for such a long time in school isn't helping me here cause I quite enjoy to mindfuck myself when it comes to these things, and then I go too far and then space out and then i pass out from exhaustion cause the brain goes on overload HAHAHA

funny thing is. No one ever keeps up in these theories when i start rambling about them. laaawl Doubt that this dimwit will understand even a sentence I've written. -___- bah humbug.

I've been up for too long now, my mind is foggy. I need to sleep.

adios ;D

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