Saturday, May 12, 2012

Game of thrones

It turns out that these series are actually quite the idle pleasures. I'm on season 2 now. And I can't fucking stop. CAUSE IT'S TOO EXCITING.

This is among the best series I've ever seen. And I'm quite the picky one. Raaawr, too good really. Figured i'd spend my time with this tonight til my skype decides to not be a cunt anymore.

Or not, even if skype does intend to work with me I'll probably be glued to this anyway.

Somehow I find skype annoying these days.... maybe I should take a break from skype and facebook and all that crap? Meh, I wonder. I say that now, but tomorrow I'll be all like weeeeeh interneeeeet again -__-

well, tomorrow I'll be busy anyway. At least till night time.
Got me self some company then haha :3
cutest bitches you'll ever know.

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